Auri: Tuomas Holopainen’s side project

Before I’d heard about Floor Jansen’s side project, I heard about this one. It’s actually 3 people: Tuomas Holopainen, Troy Donockley and Johanna Kurkela. The music is not rock apparently but I think I would still like it because Tuomas is involved. So, this is another one on my list – the album is due out on 23rd March but can be pre-ordered now.



Northward: side project of Floor Jansen and Jørn Viggo Loftstad

Well, it seems last year wasn’t completely off the pitch last year for Floor Jansen. There is a musical side project she worked on, resurrecting some songs from 2008 with a chap from the band Pagan’s Mind. These sound like rock songs and I can’t wait to hear what they sound like. The project is called Northward, there is a Facebook page for it.

In progress: Amaranthe’s new album

I follow the lead singer of Amaranthe, Elize Ryde, on Instagram and back in January she made some mentions of being in the studio to record a new album. I’m excited by the prospect of more Amaranthe music to come. I enjoy listening to their albums but I don’t think I’ve yet heard the best from them. I think the next one will be something special!


Leaves’ Eyes: Sign Of The Dragonhead

I bought my copy of this album after work on Thursday. I was almost put off the purchase by a review in Metal Hammer magazine by Catherine Morris that gave 3/10 and ended her review by saying “New singer Elina Siirala is a talented soprano, but she’s utterly wasted on this awful record”. However, I greatly enjoyed the last Leaves’ Eyes album King of Kings. When Elina took over vocal duties and the band re-released the single Edge of Steel I was quite excited to hear Elina’s voice on an album of new songs. With Sign Of The Dragonhead my wait is now over.

I am pleased to say that my purchase of the 2 disk edition (vocal and instrumental versions) was well worth it. It is a great album and really enjoyable. There are lots of stand out tracks on the album, a personal favourite is Like A Mountain but there are many classic tracks on this album. It feels heavier and more dynamic than King of Kings. My only concern is that I will completely blot out listening to everything else for a few weeks and listen only to this album and then get sick of hearing it!

I think the Metal Hammer reviewer got it wrong but she was right about one thing: Elina Siirala is a very talented soprano. I could listen to her voice all day and not get bored.

Nightwish Decades album and tour 2018

The band Nightwish, whom I am a big fan of, have announced a 60+ date tour this year in America , Europe and Canada. They are releasing an album of remastered tracks from their back catalog. I have pre-ordered the album already. In many ways I wished that they had re-recorded the songs with Floor Jansen’s vocals but I suppose the remastering will be enough.  The tour looks good, it starts in March. Floor is now the mother of a child of course. I wonder how she will adapt her life around the baby. Imagine if the baby eventually becomes a singer!


Black Sabbath: The End

I bought this DVD and CD at the weekend. It’s a great concert from the old gang, minus Bill Ward on drums. Shame he wasn’t there but I only really felt the absence on Hand of Doom, I don’t think anyone else could play the drums on that track other than him. Geezer Butler was amazing on bass and Tony Iommi gave a great performance. Ozzy sang well, occasionally slurring words but still hitting the notes better than other singers his age. The band bows out holding up to scrutiny. A better way to go out than fizzling out.