Sad news for ReVamp fans

I see that ReVamp have posted on their official Facebook page that they have officially closed the book. I really enjoyed the music the band wrote in their two albums together. They were a breath of fresh air. I will enjoy listening to the CDs and watching the concerts on YouTube. But I’m sad that the band haven’t planned something for the distant future: I guess it’s unfair to expect the other members. Not a great surprise given Floor’s pregnancy and then the album and touring commitments for a band as big as Nightwish.


Waiting for pre-orders

I can’t bear the excitement as I wait for my pre-order music to arrive. Very soon I shall be receiving my pre-orders:

  • Five by The Agonist
  • The Holographic Principle by Epica
  • Moonbathers by Delain

Moonbathers has been released already but I am having to wait to receive the CD because I pre-ordered it along with the CD by The Agonist. I will know better next time.

If Epica’s song Universal Death Squad is anything to go by, the rest of the album will be awesome. I’ve heard a second track from the album as well, called Edge of the Blade.

Not a pre-order but I am going to be getting Nervosa’s album Victim of Yourself, the one they made before Agony.

Nightwish news

Well yesterday was the day the wonderful news broke about Floor Jansen having a baby. It is really great news for her. She has my best wishes and I’m sure many many fans of her music will wish her and the baby the same blessings.

The other piece of good news, from a Nightwish fan’s perspective is that in November the band are releasing a live DVD – yay! I can’t wait. The DVD will feature the London Wembley convert and the show at Ratina Stadion in Findland. Two very special shows I’m sure you will all agree.

The DVD will be called Vehicle of Spirit and I will be getting my pre-order in for that very soon. It will also include some extras but the exact set lists and details have not yet been released. It’s going to be a classic though, I can tell already!


New Once Human album

I found out today that there will be a new Once Human album out on 20th January 2017. I really enjoyed the first album and am looking forward to hearing the new material. The album will be called Evolution and sounds well-named if the first track, “Eye of chaos”, to be heard from the album is anything to go by.

Metal September playlist

Wow, what a bumper crop this autumn, although I think it usually picks up about this time. here are the tracks in the September playlist:

  1. Venom Prison – Celestial Patricide
  2. Holy Grail – Sudden Death
  3. Exmortus – Let Us Roam
  4. Wayfarer – Catcher
  5. Spellcaster – Night Hides The World
  6. Family – Flood Gates
  7. Trap Them – Hellionaires
  8. Destrage “Symphony of the Ego”
  9. Candiria “Mereya”
  10. Monte Pittman “Pride Comes Before the Fall”
  11. Serpentine Dominion “The Vengeance in Me”
  12. Allegaeon “Proponent for Sentience III – The Extermination”
  13. OBITUARY – “Loathe”
  14. Charred Walls of the Damned “The Soulless”
  15. To The Rats And Wolves – Riot
  16. Opeth – Sorceress
  17. Epica – Universal Death Squad
  18. In Flames – Everything’s Gone (live)
  19. Crobot – Not For Sale
  20. Brujeria – No Aceptan Imitaciones
  21. Pain – Black Knight Satellite
  22. Equilibrium – Prey
  23. GATECREEPER – Craving Flesh



Metal August playlist

This month’s August playlist is more like a return to the norm, although I think the low number over the summer is down to my own availability rather than a low amount of music being released. Some of the songs attributed to August could probably be added to June and July. Here is the August playlist anyway, enjoy!

  1. RINGWORM – Brotherhood Of The Midnight Sun
  2. The Color Morale – Clip Paper Wings
  3. Sea of Heroes
  4. Altar of Sacrifice
  5. Asschapel – The Battle Axe
  6. Allegaeon “Gray Matter Mechanics – Appassionata Ex Machinea”
  7. For Today – No Truth, No Sacrifice
  8. Soilwork – Helsinki
  9. Integrity “Deathly Fighter” (original by RUG)
  10. SUMERLANDS – The Guardian