Lacuna Coil live CD/DVD

Yes, this arrive on Friday during the day and I watched it Friday evening. I thought the sound quality was excellent. The show was terrific too: I was surprised in the song choice, they played some older songs and some I hadn’t ever heard before. They all sounded great and Christina and Andrea’s vocals both sounded great together. I’ve got another Lacuna Coil live DVD and the sound wasn’t that great, so I’m very pleased that this latest presentation was of higher quality.



Kittie: Origins/Evolutions

This CD/DVD combo was finally released a few weeks ago. It is a live CD of the bands performances over the years with various line-up changes and a documentary about the band on DVD. I didn’t know the history of the band so it was very interesting to watch current and past members of the band talk about their experiences. Not all past members wanted to be filmed. Sadly, Trish Doan died this year – she was only 31. The heart of the band are the sisters Morgan Lander (vocals/guitar) and Mercedes Lander (drums). The documentary takes us from their beginnings in the family basement to making all of their albums. I had the first two Kittie albums, Spit and Oracle. I often listen to tracks from these as they are on my ipod playlist. I bought the album Until The End as a result of liking the songs I heard from the documentary. The one album I don’t think I want is Funeral For Yesterday. The producer really took over and delivered a project that wasn’t what the band wanted at all. I think the album In The Black will be the next one I buy. From the documentary, that album sounded great.


Black Sabbath: The End

I bought this DVD and CD at the weekend. It’s a great concert from the old gang, minus Bill Ward on drums. Shame he wasn’t there but I only really felt the absence on Hand of Doom, I don’t think anyone else could play the drums on that track other than him. Geezer Butler was amazing on bass and Tony Iommi gave a great performance. Ozzy sang well, occasionally slurring words but still hitting the notes better than other singers his age. The band bows out holding up to scrutiny. A better way to go out than fizzling out.


Blues Pills – Live in Paris

I recently decided to take a chance on a band who I’d only heard single tracks from before and only a couple of those. I was in my local independent record shop and saw this live DVD/CD combination on the new rack. It’s quite a progressive shop and I’ve been surprised at the music on sale in such a small town as mine. Grateful that this sort of music was available outside of a big city, I decided to buy it – even it was a little more expensive than it might have been online.

The music comes mainly from their Lady in Gold album from 2016 and their live tour for that album, the DVD was recorded in Le Trianon in Paris on 30th October 2016. It is more blues-rock based than a lot of the music I mention on this blog but it’s a style I enjoy and they give it all such a fresh twist that it doesn’t ever feel stale. It manages to achieve an air of excitement and energy that many bands just don’t: seeing any concert footage from blues rock bands from the late 70s and 80s compared to this and it’s worlds apart, you have to go back to the early 70s to get anywhere close to the excitement, on stage at any rate.

Arch Enemy: As The Stages Burn

My pre-order arrived on a day I booked off as annual leave. It was perfect timing because I did a school run and got home just as the postman was writing a card out. I was able to watch it that morning and what a great DVD it is. The music is excellent but also the quality of the live footage. Lots of angles and great shots but none of it feels over-edited, there is real respect for the band. It is a great reminder of what the live shows are like. I just hope that the band takes a good long rest after this tour ends, otherwise they will burn out. The whole package is excellent, great photographs in the booklet and an accompanying CD of the show as well. So glad I ordered this.


Arch Enemy live at Wacken 2016: As The Stages Burn

So I mentioned this a few weeks ago when I first found out but yesterday evening I pre-ordered a copy of the CD-DVD Digipack from the Century Media store and I am SO EXCITED! It will be an awesome DVD and what’s even better is that I ordered the CD + DVD digipack version so I can listen to the concert when I’m travelling. I’m really looking forwards to the performance. Wacken is a mecca for metal fans, like Bloodstock and Download are in the UK, but I’ve never been to any of them so to get the DVD is probably the next best thing.