Lucifer: Lucifer II

I picked up a copy of Lucifer’s second full length album recently and have been enjoying the classic heavy metal riffs on offer. It has the feeling of a Black Sabbath album but with a female frontperson. Johanna Sadonis is the lady in question and she blasts out the hard rocking songs when she needs to and also has skills in quieter moments too. I’m liking this album very much. Grows on you the more you play it.



Follow The Cypher

This is the self-titled first album from this band. I got an edition that includes a lot of DVD extras including a documentary and live footage. I must admit this was a bit of a impromptu purchase, I had seen the band perform on a YouTube video and was not convinced. So, putting this disk into the drive and hitting play I was a little bit concerned I might not enjoy it. A sticker on the CD mentioned fans of Nightwish might like it, so I guess subliminally that might have had an influence on my decision to buy.

Well, my fears turned out to be unfounded as I heard more songs the more I liked what I was hearing. My son described them as Nightwish gone-futuristic! He’s close to it with that description, however Nightwish have more of a folk tradition influence this band have more of a rock influence with dystopian lyrics. Interesting and grows on you the more you here it. A great opening salvo from a new band.


Nervosa: Downfall of Mankind

I pre-ordered Nervosa’s new album called Downfall of Mankind. It came last weekend I think, I’ve been listening to it a lot over the last few days. It’s a really great album. On a par with their other albums, I think a little bit more accomplished musically and lyrically. It is very obviously Nervosa’s own flavour of thrash and if anything this is heavier than their last album Agony. Very easy to recommend this for thrash metal fans. The new drummer is heavy! Great drumming on this cd.


Kittie: Origins/Evolutions

This CD/DVD combo was finally released a few weeks ago. It is a live CD of the bands performances over the years with various line-up changes and a documentary about the band on DVD. I didn’t know the history of the band so it was very interesting to watch current and past members of the band talk about their experiences. Not all past members wanted to be filmed. Sadly, Trish Doan died this year – she was only 31. The heart of the band are the sisters Morgan Lander (vocals/guitar) and Mercedes Lander (drums). The documentary takes us from their beginnings in the family basement to making all of their albums. I had the first two Kittie albums, Spit and Oracle. I often listen to tracks from these as they are on my ipod playlist. I bought the album Until The End as a result of liking the songs I heard from the documentary. The one album I don’t think I want is Funeral For Yesterday. The producer really took over and delivered a project that wasn’t what the band wanted at all. I think the album In The Black will be the next one I buy. From the documentary, that album sounded great.


My Indigo

This album is Sharon den Adel’s solo project. It is a lot more pop than the songs/music she writes for Within Temptation. I think it is perfect for a summer project. It is light and catchy and is emotional at times. I don’t know what drove her to create the project but I think it is a good album.