Leaves’ Eyes: Sign Of The Dragonhead

I bought my copy of this album after work on Thursday. I was almost put off the purchase by a review in Metal Hammer magazine by Catherine Morris that gave 3/10 and ended her review by saying “New singer Elina Siirala is a talented soprano, but she’s utterly wasted on this awful record”. However, I greatly enjoyed the last Leaves’ Eyes album King of Kings. When Elina took over vocal duties and the band re-released the single Edge of Steel I was quite excited to hear Elina’s voice on an album of new songs. With Sign Of The Dragonhead my wait is now over.

I am pleased to say that my purchase of the 2 disk edition (vocal and instrumental versions) was well worth it. It is a great album and really enjoyable. There are lots of stand out tracks on the album, a personal favourite is Like A Mountain but there are many classic tracks on this album. It feels heavier and more dynamic than King of Kings. My only concern is that I will completely blot out listening to everything else for a few weeks and listen only to this album and then get sick of hearing it!

I think the Metal Hammer reviewer got it wrong but she was right about one thing: Elina Siirala is a very talented soprano. I could listen to her voice all day and not get bored.


This Is Thrash compilation

I like bands such as the often quoted Big 4 of Thrash: Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax – who emerged during the 80s. I was into my metal at this point and remember listening to Slayer and my dad just putting it down as rubbish at the time. I know from memories of Kerrang magazine at the time that there were lots of thrash bands around, it was a movement and not just a handful of a few bands. I recently searched the net to see whether anyone had published a top ten of thrash albums I could use to help build my collection of thrash albums. I came across this article in an issue of Metal Hammer. Here is their list:

  • Metallica – Kill ’em all (1983)
  • Anthrax – Spreading the disease (1985)
  • Exodus – Bonded by blood (1985)
  • Possessed – Seven churches (1985)
  • Slayer – Reign in blood (1986)
  • Megadeth – Peace sells…but who’s buying? (1986)
  • Dark Angel – Darkness descends (1986)
  • Destruction – Eternal devastation (1986)
  • Testament – The Legacy (1987)
  • Sepultura – Beneath the remains (1989)

I’ve recently ordered a couple of compilation albums that will fill in some of my gaps around the thrash bands and music of the golden age of thrash. The first of these is called This Is Thrash and it was released as a compilation in 2008. There are bands outside the top ten above here including Celtic Frost, Armored Saint, Rage, Kreator,  Sodom and Voivod plus many more.

Epica: The Solace System

I’ve blogged in the past about Epica and their latest album, The Holographic Principle. Well, there is more to tell because they didn’t release all of the songs recorded for the album and they didn’t want to issue a double album. So what we have here is a new 7 song EP. I have to tell you, it is amazing! Epica fans should not hesitate. The most surprising thing is the quality of the songs, I thought they kept the good songs for the album but here are some corkers.


Arch Enemy – Will To Power

I pre-ordered this album and it came on Friday. I’ve been listening to it a lot this weekend and I have to say it is brilliant! If you haven’t heard any Arch Enemy before (where have you been?) then you can do a lot worse than start with this album. I thought the last album As The Stages Burn! would be hard to beat but by God, they’ve done it.