Lacuna Coil live CD/DVD

Yes, this arrive on Friday during the day and I watched it Friday evening. I thought the sound quality was excellent. The show was terrific too: I was surprised in the song choice, they played some older songs and some I hadn’t ever heard before. They all sounded great and Christina and Andrea’s vocals both sounded great together. I’ve got another Lacuna Coil live DVD and the sound wasn’t that great, so I’m very pleased that this latest presentation was of higher quality.



Amaranthe: Helix

So, last Sunday I received another CD I had pre-ordered, which was of course the new Amaranthe album. I have been listening to it on and off this week and have been enjoying it very much. I like the heavier direction of some of the songs, it matches my taste better than previous albums. I really love Elize Ryd’s vocals.


Looking forward to 19th October 2018

I am looking forwards to this Friday, which is just over a day away now. The reason? Well, 2 albums I’ve pre-ordered are coming out: Northwards and Amaranthe’s new albums. I’m looking forward to hearing them both in full. I’ve heard a single from the Amaranthe album and snippets of all songs from the Northwards album plus the two video singles. If my CDs arrive on Friday I’ll be surprised and impressed. I suspect that they might come some time over the weekend instead.

Pre-order: Northward by Northward (2018)

Having heard the first single off this album, While Love Died, I was sold. The band of course features Floor Jansen from Nightwish and Jørn Viggo Lofstad from the band Pagan’s Mind. I have mentioned this collaborative project in a previous post back in March when I first discovered it was a thing. A second single Get What You Give has also been released. The reception seems to be very positive so far, I certainly have enjoyed listening multiple times to the songs. An interesting fact about the album is that Floor Jansen sings one of the songs with her sister Irene (“Drifting Islands“). I can’t wait to put this on my iPod and be carried away.


Pre-order: Amaranthe – Helix (2018)

I have pre-ordered the latest Amaranthe album, called Helix. It promises to be the heaviest yet and includes vocals from the new male clean vocalist, Nils Molin. The unique thing about this band is that it has 3 vocalists: the multi-talented clean vocals of Elize Ryd, the growls of Henrik Englund Wilhemsson and now the clean vocals of Nils Molin. Nils replaced Joacim “Jake E” Lundberg last year and has been touring with the band since then. I enjoyed their previous albums, so I am hopeful. I have heard a single from their album, called 365 and enjoyed it, so it looking promising for the album.


Lucifer: Lucifer II

I picked up a copy of Lucifer’s second full length album recently and have been enjoying the classic heavy metal riffs on offer. It has the feeling of a Black Sabbath album but with a female frontperson. Johanna Sadonis is the lady in question and she blasts out the hard rocking songs when she needs to and also has skills in quieter moments too. I’m liking this album very much. Grows on you the more you play it.