Cellar Darling: This is the sound

Having enjoyed the Eluveitie CD, I saw this CD in HMV in this rather gorgeous digibook format and decided I needed it. It was a bit of a gamble but from the first song onwards, this CD is a very pleasing listen. Every song is quality and the vocals from Anna Murphy are amazing. Very easy to recommend this.



Rolo Tomassi: Time will die and love will bury it

This one was bought purely on belief that I think I had read about them somewhere and they were supposed to be very good. I haven’t heard enough of this album to be able to confirm how great this band is. I can hear a real mix of styles in the tracks I have heard though, including some good guitars and good screaming. This is going to be a record I will have to listen to several times to get to grips with it, I usually like music a lot more when it grows on me the more I listen.

Eluveitie: Evocation II – Pantheon

I’ve wanted to buy some music from Eluveitie for a while. I like their particular blend of folk and what? Metal? I don’t really know how I would classify the band’s music. There are some talented musicians in the band, not least the 3 female members: Fabienne Erni (vocals, harp), Michalina Malisz (hurdy gurdy) and Nicole Ansperger (fiddles). I have seen some concert footage on YouTube but I think it was from earlier in the band’s history – pre 2017, so I think it was around the time when Anna Murphy was in the band (another hurday gurdy player and vocalist). I like how they are making the hurdy gurdy a rock instrument.


Nightwish: Decades

I bought this CD back in February and it is a great thing believe me. I didn’t expect anything less but the song choice is inspired. I love a lot of the Nightwish albums but I don’t have a complete set. This CD helps complete some of the gaps. The music is massive and orchestral and also epic. The three vocalists the band has included all combine in a perfect way in this package, though people will have their favourites. I am glad that the songs have not been re-recorded with Floor, even though that would be awesome – the reason I say this is that it makes seeing the band live with Floor singing the songs now even more special.


Auri, Myrkur and After Forever

I recently purchased the album by Auri, an offshoot of the Nightwish lead Tuomas Holopainen, Troy Donockley and Johanna Kurkela. It grows and grows on the listener but defies pigeonholes. I really like Johanna’s voice, its very soft and lush.

Myrkur’s album Mareridt similarly defies pigeonholes. There isn’t anybody like Myrkur out there and she is playing live this month in the UK. Worth checking out if you can get a ticket. The vocals are so dynamic, soft and choral through to sometimes quite scary!

I bought an After Forever remastered CD called Remagine, it’s a 2 disk set and is excellent. Floor’s voice sounds amazing as always and you can easily see her progression from After Forever through to Nightwish.


Auri: Tuomas Holopainen’s side project

Before I’d heard about Floor Jansen’s side project, I heard about this one. It’s actually 3 people: Tuomas Holopainen, Troy Donockley and Johanna Kurkela. The music is not rock apparently but I think I would still like it because Tuomas is involved. So, this is another one on my list – the album is due out on 23rd March but can be pre-ordered now.