Delain: Masters of Destiny new video

Well, 2019 has got off to a good start in terms of band news, a new video single from Delain has just been released titled Masters of Destiny. They did a wonderful job on production, I was listening to the track with my eyes closed (I find it hard to concentrate on a new song if I am distracted by visuals) and when I opened them I was so pleasantly surprised to see how artistic the video is. It’s got some great visuals and some amazing snow covered locations, I’d say it is well worth checking out.

The new studio album by the band is called Hunters Moon and can now be pre-ordered, which I am going to do (obviously, being such a great fan of the band).


Within Temptation’s new album Resist

Another of my favourite band’s are going to release a new album at the start of February. The album is called Resist. I’m really looking forward to it. There are some video singles that have been released and I will pre-order the album because it sounds amazing. Something to lighten the year up in February.

Exciting news: The Agonist

Welcome to 2019! Just before the Christmas break I was excited to hear that The Agonist were in the studio recording a new album. I’d heard similar news way back in June but that was just that the band had booked some studio time. This story on the band’s FB page suggests they are recording vocals, which suggests to me they are well into the production cycle. I really enjoyed the band’s last album Five, I thought there songs on there were great so it’s a hard one to beat in my opinion but we’ll have to see about that!

Lacuna Coil live CD/DVD

Yes, this arrive on Friday during the day and I watched it Friday evening. I thought the sound quality was excellent. The show was terrific too: I was surprised in the song choice, they played some older songs and some I hadn’t ever heard before. They all sounded great and Christina and Andrea’s vocals both sounded great together. I’ve got another Lacuna Coil live DVD and the sound wasn’t that great, so I’m very pleased that this latest presentation was of higher quality.


Amaranthe: Helix

So, last Sunday I received another CD I had pre-ordered, which was of course the new Amaranthe album. I have been listening to it on and off this week and have been enjoying it very much. I like the heavier direction of some of the songs, it matches my taste better than previous albums. I really love Elize Ryd’s vocals.