Nervosa replace drummer


I heard this news the other week, the excellent all female Brazilian thrash band Nervosa have replaced their previous drummer Fernanda Terra with a new drummer Jully Lee. The only thing I’ve read about the change is that it was due to personal and musical differences, which doesn’t say anything really.

Addendum: OK, I got confused here, Nervosa did change drummer but Jully Lee had already been replaced by Pitchu Ferraz and this was old news from 2012 and I didn’t spot the dates. The news was that during 2017 Luana Dametto had replaced Pitchu Ferraz. 





Upcoming: Kroh

I have read about this band in Metal Hammer and have watched a few videos on YouTube. I am excited about the band, they have a unique sound largely due to their Polish vocalist Oliwia Sobieszek (I have no idea how she pronounces her surname but I assume Oli-via is how you say her forename). The band are from Birmingham and have a doom laden sound with ethereal vocals. Their album Altars is out. They are playing the UK’s Bloodstock festival in August. I look forwards to hearing and reading more about this band.

Arch Enemy announce live DVD

Good news for fans of Arch Enemy, like me, who have received the news that there will be a live DVD/Blu ray released in March of the band’s Wacken 2016 performance. It should be awesome quality considering the number of cameras involved and the sound is mixed by Andy Sneap. The film will be titled As The Stages Burn  and it will include extras like backstage footage and some songs filmed in concert in Japan. I will be pre-ordering it. A YouTube trailer for it is here.


Nightwish: Vehicle of Spirit

My Nightwish Blu Ray disk was waiting for me on Saturday and I couldn’t wait to watch it. I have to say it is an excellent live concert, brilliantly filmed with excellent audio and video. The editing is really well done, not like some music videos that keep switching far too often between cuts, this gives the concerts the perfect video treatment. I have seen a few reviews that moan about the lack of special features but for me there are enough of them. Afterall, we’re not going to get a documentary like “Learn the set list in 48 hours” again, so I don’t know what some people are complaining about. I was thoroughly entertained by the concerts.

nightwish-vos1 nightwish-vos2 nightwish-vos3 nightwish-vos4 nightwish-vos5

Sad news for ReVamp fans

I see that ReVamp have posted on their official Facebook page that they have officially closed the book. I really enjoyed the music the band wrote in their two albums together. They were a breath of fresh air. I will enjoy listening to the CDs and watching the concerts on YouTube. But I’m sad that the band haven’t planned something for the distant future: I guess it’s unfair to expect the other members. Not a great surprise given Floor’s pregnancy and then the album and touring commitments for a band as big as Nightwish.


Wolf Alice exciting at Glastonbury 2016

I like to watch highlights from Glastonbury on the TV, I have never attended the festival itself. A band I really love is Band of Skulls and their set was broadcast, it is an awesome band and if your first exposure to them is Glastonbury you can be forgiven. They performed an amazing set. There was another band though that blew me away. The band is called Wolf Alice and I totally loved their set. I had never heard of the band before (as far as I remember), I will certainly be on the look out for any music they release, they have released a debut album (in 2015) called My Love Is Cool.


Exciting Delain news

Wow, what a week it is turning out to be! First I learned that Epica were going to be releasing a new album in September and today I just found out that another of my favourite bands will be releasing a album in August. I had heard that Delain were working on new material but their touring schedule has been so heavy, I didn’t really expect them to be in a position to release anything until next year. The release of Lunar Prelude EP earlier this year sort of confirmed for me that nothing was going to be due soon. So, it’s great news that they will be releasing in August. I’m super excited to hear the record and will be pre-ordering it, everything Delain do is totally awesome.

The band’s website reveals the cover art (amazing!) and the album is going to be called Moonbathers. I just love the artwork for Delain’s album covers. The other reveal is that one of my favourite singers Alissa White-Gluz also appears on the record. I’m so looking forward to hearing the Hands of Gold track, I wonder if that will be a single with a video? I’m just SO EXCITED!

The track listing has also been revealed:

1. Hands Of Gold – Featuring Alissa White-Gluz
2. The Glory and the Scum
3. Suckerpunch
4. The Hurricane
5. Chrysalis – The Last Breath
6. Fire With Fire
7. Pendulum
8. Danse Macabre
9. Scandal
10. Turn the Lights Out
11. The Monarch

Bonus CD

12. Suckerpunch – Live In The Netherlands
13. Turn The Lights Out – Live In The Netherlands
14. The Glory And The Scum – Live In The Netherlands
15. Don’t Let Go – Live In The Netherlands
16. The Glory And The Scum – Orchestra
17. Hands Of Gold – Orchestra