Metal September playlist

Wow, what a bumper crop this autumn, although I think it usually picks up about this time. here are the tracks in the September playlist:

  1. Venom Prison – Celestial Patricide
  2. Holy Grail – Sudden Death
  3. Exmortus – Let Us Roam
  4. Wayfarer – Catcher
  5. Spellcaster – Night Hides The World
  6. Family – Flood Gates
  7. Trap Them – Hellionaires
  8. Destrage “Symphony of the Ego”
  9. Candiria “Mereya”
  10. Monte Pittman “Pride Comes Before the Fall”
  11. Serpentine Dominion “The Vengeance in Me”
  12. Allegaeon “Proponent for Sentience III – The Extermination”
  13. OBITUARY – “Loathe”
  14. Charred Walls of the Damned “The Soulless”
  15. To The Rats And Wolves – Riot
  16. Opeth – Sorceress
  17. Epica – Universal Death Squad
  18. In Flames – Everything’s Gone (live)
  19. Crobot – Not For Sale
  20. Brujeria – No Aceptan Imitaciones
  21. Pain – Black Knight Satellite
  22. Equilibrium – Prey
  23. GATECREEPER – Craving Flesh




Metal August playlist

This month’s August playlist is more like a return to the norm, although I think the low number over the summer is down to my own availability rather than a low amount of music being released. Some of the songs attributed to August could probably be added to June and July. Here is the August playlist anyway, enjoy!

  1. RINGWORM – Brotherhood Of The Midnight Sun
  2. The Color Morale – Clip Paper Wings
  3. Sea of Heroes
  4. Altar of Sacrifice
  5. Asschapel – The Battle Axe
  6. Allegaeon “Gray Matter Mechanics – Appassionata Ex Machinea”
  7. For Today – No Truth, No Sacrifice
  8. Soilwork – Helsinki
  9. Integrity “Deathly Fighter” (original by RUG)
  10. SUMERLANDS – The Guardian

Metal April Playlist

I haven’t posted the April playlist here yet, so here it is in all of its glory! Track listing is below.

  1. TRIBULATION – Melancholia
  2. ABORTED – Retrogore
  3. Death Angel – The Moth
  4. IGNITE – Nothing Can Stop Me
  5. OCEANS OF SLUMBER – Suffer The Last Bridge
  6. ENTOMBED A.D. – Midas In Reverse
  7. Destruction – Second To None
  8. ASSASSIN – Back From The Dead
  9. Six Feet Under “Never Satisfied”
  10. Aversions Crown – Erebus

10 songs for April, I have been listening more to the music I’ve been buying during May. So I have some catching up to do. One thing I did notice though the last time I was listening to my SC stream was that I was getting samples rather than the whole song. If this continues then I won’t be able to include the songs from those record companies in my playlist, which will be a shame. Century Media Records seem to be the company just offering a preview.

Metal March Playlist

Considering February’s playlist was only eight tracks, the March playlist contains 22 songs. I think it is more a reflection on when I can get around to listening to the tracks rather than a pattern related to the release of the music. Anyway, my March 2016 playlist can be heard here and the songs within it are listed below.

  1. Desaster “Damnatio Ad Bestias”
  2. WRONG – Turn In
  3. Criminal “Shock Doctrine”
  4. Sourvein “Ocypuss”
  5. DEATH – Zombie Ritual
  6. Fallujah – Scar Queen
  7. Mother Feather “Living, Breathing”
  8. WEEKEND NACHOS – Writhe
  9. Saosin – The Silver String
  10. Sourvein “Aquanaut”
  11. Abnormality “Mechanisms of Omniscience”
  12. Accuser “Impending Doom”
  13. Criminal “Down Driven”
  14. Architects – A Match Made In Heaven
  15. COUGH – The Wounding Hours
  16. Sylosis – Different Masks On The Same Face
  17. Rage – My Way
  18. Discharge – Hatebomb
  19. Fallujah – The Void Alone
  20. Mantar – Era Borealis
  21. Surgical Meth Machine – Tragic Alert
  22. Metal Church – No Tomorrow