Delain: Live at Paradiso

Last year I contributed to a Pledge Music campaign by the Dutch band Delain to help them release a 10th anniversary concert recording staged and filmed in December 2016. The gig happened and it was very exciting to get news snippets. This month I’m super-excited because the Blu-Ray/DVD package is finally being distributed. I haven’t yet received mine in the UK but I can see from the Pledge Music website that some lucky fans have started receiving their copies.



Tour news

Nightwish have begun their South American tour. Tonight they play in Rio de Janeiro. I bet they play a storming show. In the October issue of Metal Hammer there is a review of a show they played in Finland and the score was a high one.

From the 8th October Nightwish are joined by Delain, another great band in my opinion. Towards the end of October Delain play some UK shows, I wish I was going to see them.

Nightwish are joined by Arch Enemy for their European tour starting in November. I would love to see both bands play at Wembley Arena here in the UK in December. Even before that I’d love to go and see them play in Germany.

The Agonist are touring in North America, another very great band.

Metallica at Glastonbury 2014

Last night the metal band Metallica were the headline act on the main Pyramid stage at the Glastonbury Festival.  It’s the first time that a metal band have played the headline slot since about 1970 (I read today). I saw most of the performance on TV and I really enjoyed it. I’m a fan of the metal genre anyway so it’s not like I would ever have disliked the music. I’m glad that Metallica’s set went down extremely well with the audience. People were worried that it might have given the festival a different vibe but I don’t think that transpired. The audience seemed to enjoy the music and their enjoyment brought them together. As an encore Metallica played two songs, the first was Whiskey In The Jar, the old Thin Lizzy song and the second they played was Seek and Destroy from their first ever album “Kill ‘Em All”. Just because Metallica played Glastonbury, I don’t think that this along will change the perception of the majority of people about metal. I think it’s likely to remain a sub-culture for practically ever and I’m not sure that this is a bad thing. I like being in the minority.