Arch Enemy announce new album due September 2017

That’s right, there will be a new Arch Enemy out this year, I am SO EXCITED!! It will be out on Sept 8th and will be called Will to Power. The cover artwork is amazing, check it out….

Arch Enemy Will To Power


Upcoming: Kroh

I have read about this band in Metal Hammer and have watched a few videos on YouTube. I am excited about the band, they have a unique sound largely due to their Polish vocalist Oliwia Sobieszek (I have no idea how she pronounces her surname but I assume Oli-via is how you say her forename). The band are from Birmingham and have a doom laden sound with ethereal vocals. Their album Altars is out. They are playing the UK’s Bloodstock festival in August. I look forwards to hearing and reading more about this band.

Vehicle of Spirit: Nightwish

I finally pre-ordered my Blu-Ray copy of the Nightwish live concert film for the Endless Forms Most Beautiful tour. I am looking forward to the release on 16th December. It will tie in well with my annual leave this Christmas. I have bought a few CDs recently and a music DVD I should have posted about. I will endeavour to write something soon but life has been very busy lately!

Nightwish news

Well yesterday was the day the wonderful news broke about Floor Jansen having a baby. It is really great news for her. She has my best wishes and I’m sure many many fans of her music will wish her and the baby the same blessings.

The other piece of good news, from a Nightwish fan’s perspective is that in November the band are releasing a live DVD – yay! I can’t wait. The DVD will feature the London Wembley convert and the show at Ratina Stadion in Findland. Two very special shows I’m sure you will all agree.

The DVD will be called Vehicle of Spirit and I will be getting my pre-order in for that very soon. It will also include some extras but the exact set lists and details have not yet been released. It’s going to be a classic though, I can tell already!


Exciting Amaranthe news

It has been announced in the last few days that a new Amaranthe album will be released on 21st October, it will be called Maximalism. The cover artwork and track listing have also been released. The track listing for the new record will be:

01. Maximize
02. Boomerang
03. That Song
04. 21
05. On The Rocks
06. Limitless
07. Fury
08. Faster
09. Break Down And Cry
10. Supersonic
11. Fireball
12. Endlessly


I’m looking forwards to hearing more Amaranthe.

Exciting The Agonist news

The exceptional band known as The Agonist (from Canada) is going to be releasing an album in the next couple of months. Today I put my pre-order in. The album is called Five. Here is the track listing:

1. “The Moment”
2. “The Chain”
3. “The Anchor and The Sail”
4. “The Game”
5. “The Ocean”
6. “The Hunt”
7. “The Raven Eyes”
8. “The Wake”
9. “The Resurrection”
10. “The Villain”
11. “The Pursuit of Emptiness”
12. “The Man Who Fell to Earth”
13. “The Trial”
14. “Take Me to Church (Hozier Cover) (Bonus Edition Only)”



Wolf Alice exciting at Glastonbury 2016

I like to watch highlights from Glastonbury on the TV, I have never attended the festival itself. A band I really love is Band of Skulls and their set was broadcast, it is an awesome band and if your first exposure to them is Glastonbury you can be forgiven. They performed an amazing set. There was another band though that blew me away. The band is called Wolf Alice and I totally loved their set. I had never heard of the band before (as far as I remember), I will certainly be on the look out for any music they release, they have released a debut album (in 2015) called My Love Is Cool.