Nightwish reveal 2018 plans

It’s been a bit of a fallow period for news on here recently but I did hear some good news from Floor Jansen’s Twitter feed the other day. The band begin a 9 month world tour in March 2018, starting with 34 shows in North America. The tour is being called Decades and it will feature music from the band’s history but with a new twist. Their record label Nuclear will also be releasing a 2 disk compilation CD called Decades as well, this will be out on the 9th March 2018.


Xandria -Theatre of Dimensions

My third purchase this week is this album from the symphonic metal band Xandria. This album is very much in the symphonic metal tradition and Dianne Van Giesbergen’s soprano voice is the closest I’ve heard to Tarja Turunen’s style. This album is epic and reminds me a lot of Tarja-era Nightwish. They don’t have quite as many catchy melodies as the Nightwish but give them time, this album should certainly win the band more fans – nothing more than the band deserves on the strength of this strong album.

Xandria Theatre of Dimensions.PNG


ACDC and Axl Rose

I heard some news today that ACDC are going to finish their tour with a replacement for Brian Johnson, due to the tragic news that he is losing his hearing. Personally, I don’t think that this collaboration will work. I can’t comment on the quality of the music they come up with, maybe it will surprise me. From what I have been aware of in the past I can’t see Axl pulling his weight. ACDC are a hard working band, a really hard working band and I can’t see Axl having the staying power to replace Brian Johnson.

New earphones

One of my cats unfortunately has an interest in chewing through the wire of my earphones, it has happened twice now. I saw these were on sale in HMV so I decided to pick them up and give them a go. On first listen they sound good, so I am quite happy. They are House of Marley Chant and have a nice wooden finish and tangle proof cord. They work with most smartphones and include a microphone.



Metal Hammer May 2016

The May issue of Metal Hammer comes with a free CD of bands inspired by the DesertFest music festival in London. Many of the bands on the CD are performing during the festival, which is being held 29th April to 1st May 2016. There is a doom metal edge to the bands but there is some diversity in there as well, as they don’t all sound that similar to each other. It’s a good CD overall.

As usual the magazine is a good read, the last article I read was about the start of Iron Maiden’s touring for The Book of Souls, down in South America where the band is huge.