The Charm The Fury: Sick, Dumb and Happy

I bought this album from Fopp! in Manchester because I couldn’t wait to receive it by post. I’m glad I did, the album is very good. What stands out is the variety of the songs and the excellent vocals of Caroline Westendorp. Check out the variety between the first two songs, Echoes will be a great live song. The band have released a couple of videos from the album, the first of these was from the first track Down On the Ropes where Westendorp appears in full trailer trash outfit and makeup. Very different to what she is actually like in normal appearance but that was the point. The songs are great head bangers on this album, anyone into heavy songs will enjoy it. I don’t think all the reviews I’ve read do it justice. What everyone seems to agree on is that this is an album that shows a big progression from their first album and the band are developing into a great act. Definitely one to watch. I love the cover art.



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