Metal April Playlist

I haven’t posted the April playlist here yet, so here it is in all of its glory! Track listing is below.

  1. TRIBULATION – Melancholia
  2. ABORTED – Retrogore
  3. Death Angel – The Moth
  4. IGNITE – Nothing Can Stop Me
  5. OCEANS OF SLUMBER – Suffer The Last Bridge
  6. ENTOMBED A.D. – Midas In Reverse
  7. Destruction – Second To None
  8. ASSASSIN – Back From The Dead
  9. Six Feet Under “Never Satisfied”
  10. Aversions Crown – Erebus

10 songs for April, I have been listening more to the music I’ve been buying during May. So I have some catching up to do. One thing I did notice though the last time I was listening to my SC stream was that I was getting samples rather than the whole song. If this continues then I won’t be able to include the songs from those record companies in my playlist, which will be a shame. Century Media Records seem to be the company just offering a preview.


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