Delain: Lunar Prelude EP

I bought a copy of Delain’s Suckerpunch EP. They have been touring a lot and improving a lot as a live band, so it was great to get 4 live tracks on this EP as well as 1 new song (as well as an orchestral version of it and a re-worked version of another song as part of the package. I love the new song Suckerpunch, I watched a YouTube video of it being performed at 70000 tons of metal and it was awesome. Hard to say why they put out an EP, I guess they don’t want the fans to wait too long before their new album is released, the song is good and if is a taster of the direction for the album then the record will be a blinder when it is released. As a reward for the fans, this EP is pretty sweet.

Delain Lunar Prelude


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