Metal Hammer March 2016

Metal Hammer cam out this week, unfortunately a problem with my subscription direct debit has meant I had to buy this one from a newsagent, which meant a delay of a few days in getting it. However, I have it now and hopefully next month’s issue will arrive okay as well as the access to the full version online as well.

So, there is a giant Lemmy poster and a compilation audio CD that the magazine usually includes. It is a great mix of music that I look forward to hearing. I’m also looking forward to reading about Amon Amarth’s recent time in the studio, about Megadeth’s new album (out now and called Dystopia – its on my Wish List!), Ghost on tour and I like what I’ve heard so far from a band on my playlist called Black Tusk. There is also a feature on Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides that I’m keen to read. Looks like it will be a good issue this month again. Here it is, spread out on my kitchen table – excuse the Sellotape, I’ve no idea why that’s there!

MetalHammer-March-2016 MetalHammer-March-2016-all MetalHammer-March-2016-back


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