Epica: Consign to Oblivion

I had 3 out of the 6 Epica albums (Design Your Universe, The Divine Conspiracy and The Quantum Enigma) and the Retrospect concert DVD. The first two albums have been released in expanded form and I decided to get Consign to Oblivion, I don’t know whether I’ll get the Phantom Agony I might but it won’t be for a while as I’ve spent too much money recently.

Consign to Oblivion is the earliest Epica music I’ve got, it is their second album. What’s it like? Well, it’s a bit early to say because I’ve only listened to it through a couple of times. I think it’s a strong album though, plenty to enjoy in it. If you like Epica, it’s certainly classic Epica and instantly recognisable. The extra CD has got some great tracks on it.

Epica-Consign-to-Oblivion1 Epica-Consign-to-Oblivion2 Epica-Consign-to-Oblivion4 Epica-Consign-to-Oblivion5


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