After Forever: After Forever

My first ever encounter with the band After Forever was probably about 5 years ago when I first watched the video for the song Emphasis. I was literally blown away by both the music and the performance in the video of the lead singer. This was before I knew anything about the band or the singer, who was of course Floor Jansen. This was to be the fifth and final album by the band but it is the first one I have listened to and owned. I ordered it last weekend from Amazon along with a few other goodies I will mention in other posts.

In many ways, while I have ordered some good stuff, this was the one album I was most intrigued to hear. You see, I have listened to and enjoyed both of the ReVamp albums and of course Nightwishwith Floor singing are simply wonderful. But because this music came out before I knew who Floor Jansen was, it is more intriguing.

So my verdict? This album is great, the video for Energise Me is one I have watched many times and so I knew of this track and infact I have YouTube videos where ReVamp have played the song along with another on this album called Transitory. It’s a bit too early to say my favourite tracks but those two are up there, the first song is also very strong and is called Discord. I also like a song with vocal duties shared with Doro Pesch called Who I am – what a gig that would be to see!

After-Forever After-Forever2


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