Nativity in Black: a tribute to Black Sabbath

This morning’s browsing through the racks of various charity shops in town was again profitable in terms of picking some excellent music. This time I picked up a copy of the Black Sabbath tribute album Nativity In Black, the name of which was a reference to the Sabbath song N.I.B. except apparently Nativity In Black isn’t what N.I.B. stands for. There was also apparently some controversy in the Sabbath ranks because I.R.S. wouldn’t allow Tony Iommi to appear on a track with Geezer Butler. Geezer’s wife Gloria Butler tried to salvage things by asking other musicians to play Iommi’s guitar parts. When Tony found out he fired Gloria Butler, which prompted Geezer to quit Sabbath at the time.

The album has some good covers on it, I particularly enjoyed Bruce Dickinson singing Sabbath Bloody Sabbath with Godspeed and I like the artwork on the booklet, here are a couple of the panels for you to enjoy, they appear in the style of Tarot cards.

P1010952 P1010953 P1010956 P1010957


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