Black Sabbath: The End

I suppose there must come a time when you’ve achieved everything you want to and you feel you have lived a full life. Health and age limit what you can do, you have enough money to live comfortably for the remaining years and you just want to slow down and spend time with those you love instead of dealing with people who don’t have an appreciation of the epic contribution you’ve made.

Lets just agree here, before I go any further, Black Sabbath is a band that is legendary. They deserve to be called Metal Gods more than any other band I can think of.

I was reading the excellent article in that bible of metal “Metal Hammer” magazine about Sabbath’s last tour package called The End. It makes me think about how I used to listen to Never Say Die over and over on a vinyl single at 45 RPM in my bedroom as a kid on my first record player. I picked up some early Sabbath albums on tape, reissued on a Spanish label cheaply in the 1980s I think. I later picked up the same albums on CD plus the late great Ronnie James Dio contribution to the Sabbath catalogue with the album Heaven & Hell. Sabbath would still be making great music today, 13 was a terrific album

The End will be an excellent tour and I envy anyone attending the concerts, especially the Download festival because Sabbath are headlining on Saturday 11 June 2016.

Metal Hammer Black Sabbath


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