Listening tech: JVC Extra Bass Headphones

These are the headphones I am using at the moment. They were from B&M Homestores, so are in the budget end of the sound spectrum and were not expensive. The cups are comfortable and cover my ears but the head band is made of a brittle plastic and isn’t especially durable, it could easily break if dropped or sat on. There is no padding on the head band and they are not great for long term listening. The headphone jack has a lot of plastic around it so would not be suitable if the equipment you plug it into is recessed, it doesn’t fit into my wife’s iPad earphone socket for example.

The sound quality is better than my laptop speakers but is not very precise, a lot of detail is missing from the midrange and top end of the range. The bottom end is better represented, so they are not bad for heavier or pop music and drums. They do give a sense of space with the bass filling a room. The sound is not very bright or dynamic.

JVC-Bass-Headphones 1 JVC-Bass-Headphones 2 JVC-Bass-Headphones 3


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