Phantasma: Deviant Hearts

On Wednesday evening I went and bought myself a little early Christmas present that nobody else would ever think of getting me. It’s a concept album with an accompanying novella written by Charlotte Wessels who also writes lyrics and sings on the album. Charlotte’s main band is of course Delain but she put a lot into this side project. I decided to buy it after hearing some song previews on Google Play Music. There are some heavier songs but in general it’s a lighter album than a Delain album would be, there is a lot of variety musically, a lot of light and shade. Some parts have lush orchestral parts, other have simple piano and vocals and other parts have great soaring guitar solos. It’s a great departure from everything and is probably one of the best concept albums I’ve heard musically. I will enjoy listening to it again and again and picking up the story. I want to read the novella, I haven’t really explored that. That’s one of the nice things about this CD, there is a lot to explore.



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