Classic Rock: December 2015

I haven’t bought a Classic Rock magazine in over a year but seeing this edition was more of a review of 2015 I thought I would get it. It includes a calendar for 2016 and a CD too, so that ain’t bad. There are some interesting looking articles, one about Lemmy’s health and I saw a news story today that he was a bit pissed about why people were so interested in his health all the time. I think its because people think its a miracle he’s still alive (my personal view too). There was also something about Baby Metal, which is a topic I’m “sort of” interested in (I wrote a post them previously). I was looking forward to reading something about Nightwish too but that turned out just to be a small one page filler about selling out Wembley in a few weeks time: this is a remarkable achievement, I’m just really fed up that I’m not going to see the gig. It will be AMA-ZING!!

CR Dec 2015 CRock Dec 2015


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