Metal Hammer December 2015

Today I picked up my copy of Metal Hammer magazine for December 2015. It doesn’t contain the email I sent to them in the letters section but I guess they have a lot of mail and have to choose carefully to fit in with a theme. However there is an interesting sounding feature on Black Sabbath, a favourite band of mine who are playing at Download next year for the final time.

MH-December 2015

There is also a massive poster of Ash Costello from New Years Day with a broken fag hanging out of her mouth, which is a bonus because she is awesome! Or if you prefer, on the flipside is a Slipknot poster. Metal Hammer is one of those mags that includes a free CD with it and I usually rip the disk into my iPod, I think I still have last months to rip though as well.

MH-2-December 2015


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