Nightwish – Endless Forms Most Beautiful Tour edition

Nightwish have begun their European tour this weekend and to mark the occasion have released a special edition tour version of their album. I would like to purchase it however, I have already bought the two disk original digibook CD version that came with a disk of instrumental versions. The new set consists of the album tracks and a DVD that includes:

  • 21 Making-Of episodes (that I’ve seen already on YouTube)
  • 2 new live clips
  • 5 special clips
  • Elan and Endless Forms Most Beautiful song videos
  • Photo gallery

It’s a great package if you haven’t got the album yet. I don’t feel there is enough new content to really make it essential for me. I was really hoping for a live DVD similar to last year’s tour DVD. There must surely be enough footage for them to release a whole live DVD (hopefully 2 disks). I think I might wait for this instead of buying the Tour version of the album. It would have been worth buying if the CD consisted of the same tracks but recorded live in concert. However, I think it seems to be just the studio recordings, which I have already bought. I am tempted to get it for completeness but in terms of value I just can’t justify a purchase, which is a shame.

EFMB tour-edition


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