Baby Metal

Okay, I’ve read a few things and seen a few videos and feel I can now give my views. I should say at the start that I don’t own any songs by Baby Metal, well, unless there has been a track on a Metal Hammer CD (and I’d be surprised if there hadn’t). It’s more accurate to say I haven’t bought a Baby Metal album or song and I’m probably not going to be buying one either. I think the girls have a lot of charm and the music is better than a lot of dance music out there and pop music out there. I just don’t enjoy their music as much as I enjoy other metal bands. The choruses are just a bit too pop-oriented for me. They are like the metal pantomime band, the band it’s safe to listen with your family to. Nothing against them, or the fact that they play metal festivals, they’re just not my cup of tea.



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