Once Human – The Life I Remember

Well, I only went and bought this CD today from HMV and it cost me almost a tenner. Shocking price for a new CD. The core of the band is made up by Logan Mader (formerly guitarist from Machine Head and Soulfly) and Lauren Hart, the latter is essentially an unknown from Australia but she has inspired Logan to step away from the mixing desk and step back out into the light. At first I thought she looked diminutive and shy but when this little Australian lady opens up she really is one of the best screamers in the business.  I sincerely hope this band lasts a long time because on the basis of what I have heard to date, they are awesome. I’m really looking forward to listening to the whole album. I bought this one over a lot of other cool stuff around (Maiden’s Book of Souls and the new albums from Disturbed and Lamb Of God).

Once Human - The Life I Remember

This is how I first heard of this band, here is the Metal Hammer article (I’ve scrubbed the text so that you can’t read it but if you do want to read it, you’ll be able to in the October 2015 edition of Metal Hammer UK edition).

Once Human MH article


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