Metal July and August Playlists (2015)

I have let my playlists slip a little. Just completed my August playlist, quite a few tracks for August (20 in all) and right now I’m listening to my July playlist again. When I started the playlists they were completed before the end of the month. I shall make a concerted effort to keep up with the tunes of the month instead of having to retrospectively do it.

July tracks:

  1. Krisiun – Scars of the hatred
  2. Harlott – Denature
  3. Windhand – Two urns
  4. Cattle Decapitation – Mammals in Babylon
  5. Defeater – Spared in hell
  6. Arch Enemy – Avalanche
  7. Queensryche – Arrow of time
  8. Uneven Structure – Funambule
  9. Chasing Safety – Far away
  10. Powerwolf – Army of the night
  11. Act Of Defiance – Refrain and re-fracture

August tracks:

  1. Avatarium – Girl with the raven mask
  2. Cult Leader – Suffer louder
  3. Soilwork – Enemies in fidelity
  4. For Today – Broken lens
  5. Gentlemans Pistols – The searcher
  6. Symphony X – Kiss of fire
  7. Black Breath – Slaves beyond death
  8. Harlott – Cross contamination
  9. Diemonds – Over it
  10. AHAB – Like red foam (the great storm)
  11. Varg – Das ende aller lugen
  12. Audiotopsy – The calling
  13. Sonic Syndicate – Diabolical work of art
  14. Grave – Redeemed through hate
  15. Hammercult – Spoils of war
  16. Christian Mistress – Stronger than blood
  17. Nile – Call to destruction
  18. The Black Dahlia Murder – Receipt
  19. Amorphis – Death of a king

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