Metal April and May 2015 Soundcloud Playlist

My apologies, I thought I had posted my playlists here but it seems the last one I posted was for March, so here are April and May‘s, I’m working on June and there are going to be two June playlists as so much great music is coming out.


  1. Falconer “Mindtraveller”
  2. Secrets of the Sky “Three Swords”
  3. Now And On Earth – Your Number Is Up
  4. I Prevail – Love, Lust, And Liars
  5. DAATH – The Unbinding Truth
  6. HIMSA – Unleash Carnage
  7. GOD FORBID – Broken Promise
  8. KOPRIKLAANI – Lempo
  9. BARREN EARTH – Set Alight
  10. MORGOTH – Voice Of Slumber
  11. Children 18:3 – Bethlehem
  12. TURISAS – Stand Up And Fight


  1. RISE TO REMAIN – Power Through Fear
  2. SONATA ARCTICA – Paid In Full
  3. CRADLE OF FILTH – Siding With The Titans
  4. Dew-Scented “On a Collision Course”
  5. CIVIL WAR – Bay Of Pigs
  6. Six Feet Under “Gruesome”
  7. Entrails “Midnight Coffin”
  8. SLAYER – WhenTheStillnessComes
  9. Armored Saint “Mess”
  10. Goatsnake – Elevated Man
  11. Dew Scented “Affect Gravity”

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