March update

I already have 11 tracks in my Metal March SoundCloud playlist so will be publishing that here soon. Yesterday I picked up a copy of the April edition of my favourite music magazine Metal Hammer. It has a feature on one of my favourite bands Nightwish’s new album Endless Forms Most Beautiful. Although, I noticed with some disappointment that the reviewer piece only gave the album a 7, I haven’t read the review yet but I have pre-ordered the album anyway. I love Floor Jansen’s voice so I don’t think I’m going to be disappointed with my purchase.

I also read the Revelations page, which this week covers Maria Brink’s choices – she is the lead vocalist and one of the creative powers behind the band In This Moment. Revelations is a section of the mag where a guest lists things like the first record they bought, what they were listening to when they first had sex, an album that their collection includes that nobody would suspect, what album of their own would they like to be remembered for etc.

Back to Nightwish, I discovered yesterday on Blabbermouth that they are going to be opening their European tour in November with the excellent Arch Enemy. It would be so wonderful to see Floor Jansen and Melissa White-Gluz doing a duet together. I’m also looking forward to Nightwish’s American tour that starts in April, it would be equally fantastic to see Floor Jansen and Charlotte Wessels doing a duet. All three vocalists are so amazing.



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