Eye of Providence by The Agonist

It was a surprise when Melissa White-Gluz announced her departure from The Agonist to join Arch Enemy. However, it was a great move for metal music because it allowed Alissa to move to the excellent Arch Enemy and the other highly positive thing was that it allowed the beautiful and excellent vocalist Vicky Psarakis to step up into the band after posting some brilliant cover versions of her singing on YouTube. She has a wonderful voice, I disagree with some comments I’ve read about her being a copyist. She most certainly is not, the videos I’ve seen of The Agonist’s new tracks really prove that this view is rubbish. From what I’ve heard, she is going to be a brilliant vocalist for The Agonist. People forget that the first album of any new vocalist in a band is just a step in their evolution into they fully grow into the band. It’s just the start of a perfect collaboration and I for one am looking forward to hearing a lot more music and original songs from The Agonist, which is the reason Eye of Providence is going to be on my wishlist.



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