Retrospect by Epica

It seems that I have developed a passion for symphonic rock this year. This has prompted me to make a second Blu Ray purchase, only my second ever. The purchase I’ve made is a 3 hour concert celebrating the band Epica’s 10 year anniversary. The band are joined on stage by some special guests and an orchestra and a choir. The music is vast and, as you suppose, epic! There are some heavy songs, some light songs and some that are just orchestral. Simone Simons is the female lead singer and I love her pure tone, she has a beautiful voice with such an excellent range. The band are joined by past members, which I thought was a nice touch. I watched the extras and one of the previous members is now no longer in the music industry choosing instead to go into real estate. Listening to the reasons he left makes me realise what a huge commitment being in a successful band must be these days. These guys practically have to live on the road for most of their time, not leading normal lives and not having any permanence to where they live and being away from their families. I really admire them for doing what they do and coming out on stage night after night to perform all smiles. I guess they are driven to do that because they love it – but even so, there must be times when they feel ill or just don’t feel it but still they put on a great show for the fans. You can only admire their devotion. I also discovered that Simone was early into her pregnancy when she did the show too. Wow, she looks awesome with her bright ginger hair head banging away, she’s so cool.

The other guest invited to duet with Simone was Floor Jansen, my favourite female vocalist at the current time. They sing a couple of numbers together and for me at the moment, until I hear more of Epica’s records and become familiar with their songs, these are the highlights. Their beautiful voices combine in the most harmonious way possible, it’s like aural candy. I could listen to Stabbat Mater Dolorosa all day with these two singing it. Sancta Terra has a wonderful lilt in the melody, I love how they dance to it. This is a really excellent concert to own on Blu Ray, it’s something very special. I bet the band think so themselves, they were clearly concentrating very hard while it was being performed that I hope they can watch and enjoy their own copies of the Blu Ray disk at their leisure. They DESERVE it!

epica epica


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