Lacuna Coil

My first encounter with hearing the music of this Italian metal band was their album Karmacode. The songs were very good and the male and female vocals complimented each well. I think I must have seen at least one video for one of the singles. Just looked this up and the video I saw was for the song Our Truth. The lead female vocalist, Cristina Scabbia, has a beautiful voice that I don’t think I could ever tire of hearing. I have two albums by Lacuna Coil, the aforementioned Karmacode and Shallow Life. The band has released two albums since I last heard from them – Dark Adrenaline and this year’s album Broken Crown Halo. I’m looking forward to hearing these albums. Cristina has featured on a number of metal calendars that I’ve seen bundled with Metal Hammer magazine. I’m not sure these sort of calendars are a good idea but there’s no arguing that she is very beautiful but let’s concentrate on the music and the quality of her singing and songwriting.



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