Wild Card by ReVamp

Promotional art for Wild Card by ReVampEver since I took a chance and purchased the Nightwish Wacken Open Air 2013 Live Blu Ray disk for myself for Christmas I’ve been interested in hearing more from the vocalist, Floor Jansen. She was in a band called After Forever for many years. When that band folded for various reasons, she began a project that turned into a band called ReVamp. The band are currently on tour in North America along with bands Sabaton and Iced Earth. ReVamp have two albums that can be purchased, the latest being Wild Card. Wild Card is excellent, I bought this first and have to say it made me want to hear more. Of course then I had to buy the first album and it too was excellent. I love the combination of beautiful lyrics, the guitars, drums, keyboards and the glue that binds it together, which is of course Floor’s wonderful voice. Floor has such a range that she can growl one line and then go full operatic Soprano the next. To focus just on Floor would be wrong though, this is very much a band and every member plays a vital part in the machine. There are a couple of tour videos so far and it seems that the tour is going down very well with fans. It’s a shame I’m not going to get a chance to see the band. In a few months time, Floor goes into the studio with Nightwish to record an album for next year. I shall look forward to that very much, the Nightwish Blu Ray I bought was an excellent purchase – it came with two Blu Ray disks and two CDs plus a lovely book with some great photos.


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